MGI Gutiérrez Ríos y Asociados S. C.

Gutiérrez Ríos y Asociados S.C., is an auditing company with more than 36 years of experience and staffed with senior auditors, advisors and consultants specializing in public and private companies.

Established on November 14, 1978, the company’s management is made up of four partners, who during more than two decades of continued professional practice, have specialized in the field of financial operational and systems auditing, as well as in the evaluation of internal control structures and special financial, management and administrative assessments.

Our firm, provides business consulting and advice in the areas of accounting, finance, information technology and taxation. We make recommendations to optimize the use of your company’s resources.

Our customized service fosters a dynamic relationship, with a constant and interactive flow of information with our users, thus ensuring compliance with the objectives defined and requested by our clients.

We seeks at all times to encourage proactive business improvements. We strive to strengthen our client's administrative and accounting systems by providing new system management ideas. We make a special effort to understand your systems while we are in your office. We encourage input from your staff.

Another one of our most notable characteristics is the emphasis we put on prevention, complemented with technical recommendations on concrete aspects, thus providing more precision to the operations of the company.



In the development of our activities Gutiérrez Ríos y Asociados S.Civi de R. L. has been included, since 1982, in the database of the World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank of auditing and advising firms. This has allowed us to work for organizations that have financed their projects with loans from multilateral organizations.


Since 1994 Gutiérrez Ríos y Asociados S. C. has been part of the international network of MGI, A worldwide association of independent auditing, accounting and consulting firms, It was formed in 1947 and its main administrative office is located in London. MGI is represented throughout the five continents with more than 315 offices in 82 countries.

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